Friday, January 28, 2011

LMAO Teabaggers, & Closeminded Educated Laggers

Ja Love
Doesn't make sense does it ?? Homeless go without eating. Elderly go without needed medicines. Mentally ill go without treatment. Troops go without proper equipment. Veterans go without the benefits they were promised. Yet we donate billions to other countries before helping our own first. 1% will re-post and 99% wont Have... the guts to re-post this. I KNOW I'm in the 1%.
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TamaraTarver- Borrell Johnson Jaime, you sound like a Tea Party member, today. : ) Hoo Rah!...or simply 'For They People" of the USA. That is what it is all about.
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Andre Robert I think of that often. Especially when I know so many are hungry in this country and I hear the US just gave a couple of hundred million dollars to some country we don't even know to help the poor there. You never hear of them giving it to our people here. Only the churches and local organization do that. It's a repost for me. thanks.
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TamaraTarver- Borrell Johnson Yeah, they don't ask other country citizens, "How much money did you earn last year?" " Have you done drugs, abuse alcohol, or been abused physically in the past year?" If you earned 'X" amount and worked the past year, or did not abuse or be abused...there is nothing for you..."Get a job." That's what the USA does to it's own people.
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Ja Love What tea party?the only parting going on is a funky reggae party,and its alright.
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Harlan Hughes I'm not a Tea Bager, and I agree with Jamie's post.
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TamaraTarver- Borrell Johnson LOL! Then you agree with the Tea Baggers! I think this a bit humorous. It's like saying I agree with the civil rights, but I don't agree with Civil Rights Movement.
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Ja Love Its a copy and paste from Allison,and its a soul shake down party tonight.
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TamaraTarver- Borrell Johnson LOL! I like those parties too! : )
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Sita Lange ‎99% are that lame geez
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Harlan Hughes Tamra, liking one marble doesn't mean one likes the whole bag, or the way the game is played, does it.
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TamaraTarver- Borrell Johnson ‎: ) Harlan, only if someone likes to play marbles...or they just like to look at marbles. They both have a positive, but only one produces action. But, there are individual choices of what to do.~ Tamara (Nice analogy)
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* Note the misspelling of the name, and PhD in Psychology...failed to make a point connect, except that he's willing to watch life go by, than to be a participant for progress. I find this a bit disheartening and will fight harder to protect my rights of choice, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

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